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Beach Yoga Girl

Master Class

90 Minutes – Kerri Verna will take you through her 90 minute Power Vinyasa Flow class that she teaches at her local beach. This class includes elements taken from her love of all forms of Yoga. Designed to help you strengthen and stretch the body as well as build your endurance through Vinyasa sequencing. All levels are welcome and will feel comfortable in this class.

Journey to Handstand
2.5 hours – In this workshop Kerri Verna invites us to explore and approach the process to learning handstands in a playful manner. We will be focusing on core and arm strength in a fun and interactive way. We will be on our hands balancing learning to be a kid again. Kerri’s handstand drills will get your heart pumping and her tips for success will change the way you may be approaching your handstand practice. Please bring pencil and notebook to this workshop. All levels are welcome to attend this workshop.

Strong and Bendy
2.5 hours – Do you want to gain strength and flexibility in your practice? In this workshop, Kerri will teach you her training drills and flexibility secrets that she uses – beyond the scope of her yoga practice – to help you gain strength and flexibility in your entire body. You will learn simple, unique, & effective exercises that will make you stronger and more flexible for difficult postures such as backbends, forward bends and keys to learning inversions. Please bring pencil and notebook to this workshop. Learn to be STRONG and BENDY! Open to all levels of practitioners.

Registration (entire weekend) :: $135